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Treatment, Maintenance, and Other Services

Sam’s Turf Care in Independence, MO offers a comprehensive 7-treatment lawn program all year round. We also have other lawn maintenance services, including core aeration and seeding. Read on for more details.

Complete Lawn Treatment Program

Early Spring Application
Our granular fertilizer contains crabgrass preventers. The fertilizer greens up your lawn and helps prevent annual grassy weeds, such as crabgrass and foxtail.

Late Spring Application
Our liquid application is a blanket spray of your lawn. This helps control dandelions, clovers, and other broadleaf weeds, keeping your lawn attractive and healthy.

Early Summer Application
Our Early Summer Application is a granular fertilizer. We also spot treat weeds and nut grass if needed.

Grub Control Application
Our granular grub control application prevents grubs all season long. This treatment is applied the same day as the Early Summer Application.

Summer Insect Application
This application helps control surface-feeding insects like sod webworms, cutworms, ants, fleas, and ticks. We also spot treat weeds and nut grass.

Fall Application
Our fall granular fertilizer rebuilds your turf after a hot summer season. We also spot-treat broadleaf weeds and nut grass.

Our winter granular fertilizer builds up your lawn's food reserve. This ensures earlier spring green-up, improved color, and better rooting and tillering.

Additional Lawn Maintenance Services

Core Aeration
Core aeration helps loosen clay soils and controls thatch build up. It also promotes rooting to give you a well-kept lawn.

This service includes spotseeding or overseeding. For best results, we only use premium seed varieties.

Removal of Field Fescue
We utilize a customized spray treatment for this service. It effectively removes field fescue.

Disease Control Program
This is a remedial service that reduces damage to your lawn. It also promotes recovery for lawns affected by a disease.

Winter Lime
This treatment raises your soil's pH to an optimal level. It also aids in thatch decomposition.

Soil Testing
This service involves taking core samples of your soil and having their mineral levels analyzed. This determines your lawn's best course of treatment.

Service Areas

We proudly serve clients in the Greater Kansas City with focus on the Missouri area, including:

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Locally owned since 1985
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