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About Us: Your Leading Lawn Care Company in Independence, MO

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The Story Behind Sam's Turf Care

Learn more about the history of our company and how we became the best lawn care company in the Independence, Missouri area.

Our company owner smiling next to a Sam's Turf sign in Grain Valley, MO.

Even before the idea of starting his own lawn care business was planted in his mind, Sam Dyer, our daring founder, already had the attributes of a real entrepreneur. Having worked at several corporate fast-food chains from 1969 to 1985, Sam's experience in the customer service industry taught him everything about how to deliver high-quality service without ever forgetting to put the customer first.

Sam had always expressed his love for working in the yard and the rewards of cultivating such natural beauty. Impassioned to deliver the same level of pride and satisfaction to others in his community, Sam built his own lawn care business from the ground up and opened the doors for the first time in 1985.

He successfully managed Sam's Turf Care for an incredible 23 years before making the difficult decision to sell the company and essentially retire. With a new start ahead of him, Sam dedicated part of his time to doing missionary work abroad and in his own local community. 

But even after having spent time in places like Uganda, Nigeria, and Kenya, Sam knew something was still missing. This realization motivated him to return to his roots and reopen Sam's Turf Care in 2014 right here in Independence, MO just outside of Kansas City!

Why? The answer is simple: he missed the opportunity to help others. Here is what our own leader Sam has to say about getting back into the lawn care industry:

"In the 5 years that I have been retired, I've missed helping people make their home lawns look good, giving them something they can be proud of. I also encountered many of my customers in my daily walk of life, and after talking about the weather and the everyday things, the question always came up: 'Are you ever going to go back in business?' Well, I have decided to go back into the lawn care business! My company is Sam's Turf Care!" - Sam Dyer

We Are Proud To Be A Locally Family-Owned-And-Operated Business For The Last 36 Years!

Big-scale lawn care and maintenance companies tend to run the show in our area of Missouri, which makes us even prouder to be one of the few local businesses in town! As a family-owned-and-operated business for over 36 years, nothing is more important to us than the people in our community. That's why we ensure our entire staff is filled with local residents who care about making our customers just as happy as we do!

Why Should You Choose Us?

As if you didn't have enough reasons to work with us, we still always take things one step further when compared to our competitors!  We want you to be completely sure of your decision to hire our team because our ultimate goal is to provide you with a lawn you can be proud of.

Check out all the other reasons you'll love having our team handling your lawn care!

  • Fully licensed and insured
  • 100% risk-free services, guaranteed
  • Free quote in 10 minutes or less
  • Friendly staff answering every call
  • Top-rated lawn care company in Independence, MO

A Professional Appearance Is A Clean Appearance

You won't see our lawn care crew pulling up to your property in a grimy truck with equipment coated in dirt and grass clippings. Our tools and vehicles get cleaned every single weekend until they sparkle! You will also be able to tell when and where we are on your property with our logoed trucks and employees in crisp, clean uniforms.

We Strive For Excellence Because There's No Room For Compromise!

Sam's Turf Care new work van with marketing wrap in Independence, MO.

Nothing is more important to us at Sam's Turf Care than ensuring all of our clients are happy and satisfied with the lawn care services we provide for them during the year! We're here to help you be proud of your lawn, so much so that we want to be the only lawn care company you'll ever need again! 

Let our crew take care of your residential or commercial property in Independence, MO, and nearby cities by calling one of our top-notch office workers at (816) 886-1121!

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