In Missouri, tick season is at its peak during the summer months. During these months, many property owners are on their toes, looking for ways to avoid a devastating tick bite, because besides being pesky, ticks can carry disease-causing pathogens. To keep yourself and your family safe during tick season, here are a few tips you can follow. To start, you should wear long clothing and regularly check for ticks. You should also keep your lawn clean by mowing it regularly and clearing it free of debris. Lastly, you should hire a professional company to perform a tick control treatment to rid your property of ticks. Keep reading to learn more about each method!

Wear long clothing when going outside, and check for ticks after.

Dog being check for ticks in Overland Park, KS.

Most people in Missouri can't avoid the outdoors during tick season! It would lead to a multitude of inconveniences and to a lackluster summer for most children. So, the next best step is knowing how to protect against ticks and how to find ticks.

For one, it's important to wear long clothing, boots, and socks to minimize the amount of skin available for a tick to latch onto. Then, it's important to check for ticks on your pets and family before going back indoors. Here's where to look for ticks on a person and pet:

A pet:

  • Check for bumps or welts under the fur.
  • Check the stomach, ears, toes, legs, armpits, and face.

A person:

  • Look for a small insect poking out of the skin.
  • In some cases, ticks can leave a red-bullseye rash at the site of the bite.
  • Check knees, ears, armpits, belly buttons, legs, hair, and around the waist.

Mow your lawn regularly and keep it free of debris to make it less attractive to ticks.

Lawn mower in tall lawn in Independence, MO.

To protect your family and yourself during tick season, it's important you regularly maintain your lawn. Tall vegetation and debris can attract ticks and provide a solid hiding spot. Unfortunately, this means that an unkempt lawn not only looks unsightly, but it can also lead to a tick-filled property.

To help deter ticks from making your lawn their home, you'll need to make it a place they don't want to be. You should mow your lawn regularly so that the grass never gets too tall, that way, ticks won't be able to use it as a place for shelter or a place to seek refuge from the sun. You should also keep it free of debris because ticks will use debris the same way they would use tall grass - as a shelter and a way to escape the sun.

Common ticks in Missouri include American dog ticks, lone star ticks, and deer ticks.

Hire a professional company to help eliminate ticks from your property.

Ticks in Missouri are no joke! These small insects are health hazards that can affect you and your family, so it's best to rid your property of these pests. Call a professional company to complete a tick control treatment. During this service, a company might use a granular flea and tick treatment to eliminate ticks from your property.

The application usually takes place once a year in the middle of the summer, which is when ticks are most active. The granular treatment is incredibly effective because it doesn't wash away with rain and is easier to intentionally apply to certain areas on your property. This is the best route to take if your goal is to get rid of the ticks.

Call us today to schedule our tick control treatment!

Ticks have no place on your lawn or property. These small insects can create health problems and latch onto your loved ones. So, it's best to get rid of them before they affect you or your family. Call us at (816) 886-1121 to schedule our tick control treatment. At Sam's Turf Care, we use quality products that can help deter ticks from invading your property. We service Independence, Gladstone, North Kansas City, and nearby areas in Missouri.