When deciding which type of fertilizer to use for your lawn, one of the biggest decisions is going to be whether you need to apply slow-release or fast-release fertilizer. Slow-release fertilizer feeds nutrients to your lawn slowly over a long period of time, whereas fast-release fertilizer will release the nutrients much more quickly for a big boost and quick results. Spring and fall are the perfect time to apply slow-release fertilizer, whereas in summer your lawn may be yearning for fast-release fertilizer to thrive in the heat. For our lawns in Missouri, the correct answer is that a mix of both throughout the year is optimal, giving your lawn the best of both worlds!

Slow-release fertilizer will steadily feed nutrients to grass for around two months.

White granular fertilizer spread across a lawn in Independence, MO.

If you've got a well-established lawn that you want to keep healthy, slow-release fertilizer may be the option for you. It'll feed nutrients to your grass slowly, nourishing the grass for around two months. Since it's a gentle flow of nutrients, it's unlikely to cause any burning in your lawn or on your plants and doesn't force fast growth. This means less mowing for you, which is always great! Slow-release fertilizer is ideal for the spring when your grass needs tender love and care after winter dormancy and heading into summer. With no huge push from slow-release fertilizer to grow, your grass will be less stressed and be able to focus on root development and resource replenishment.

Slow-release fertilizer is also great to apply in fall, giving your lawn nourishment to feed on throughout the winter!

Fast-release fertilizer will encourage growth and green color for quick results.

When you want quick, dramatic results, fast-release fertilizer is the way to go. The nutrient release will last about two to four weeks, with resources being dispersed in large quantities for a highly concentrated boost for your grass. Because of this quick release, the nutrients are immediately available for your grass's use and encourage fast, green growth in the lawn. If you have an outdoor event coming up or if your lawn is recovering from a health threat like a lawn disease, this swift treatment can be of great benefit to your grass. It's also perfect for summer when your lawn is actively struggling in the heat and could use a pick-me-up!

A mix of slow-release and fast-release fertilizer is best, yielding both immediate and long-term benefits.

Luscious healthy and maintained lawn after fertilizer treatments in Independence, MO.

With both slow-release and fast-release fertilizer providing great benefits to your grass, the best option is to go for a mix of both throughout the year to produce optimal results. Each season will bring a new challenge to your lawn and subsequently, either slow-release or fast-release fertilizer can help combat those challenges so your lawn can emerge from the other side stronger than ever. With a good balance of immediate and long-term results cooking in your lawn, you'll see a healthier lawn overall that has both lush, green growth and strong root development!

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