Having an irrigation system can take a load off of your mind by watering your lawn for you. However, without a backflow device and regular backflow testing, your irrigation system can contaminate your drinking water and make it unsafe to consume. A backflow device is designed to prevent contaminated water from your irrigation system from entering your drinking water supply. Backflow testing assesses your plumbing to ensure that your backflow device is working correctly. Here in Missouri, you are required to have backflow testing performed once a year or you will have to pay a fine and risk having the water supply for your home or business shut off.

What is a backflow device?

Backflow is when the water in your irrigation system reverses direction and enters your clean water supply. This water is often polluted by bacteria and lawn chemicals like fertilizer, pesticides, and herbicides. The water can also contain hazardous materials such as human and pet waste. A backflow device, often in the form of a valve assembly or a similar device, is used to protect your drinking water supply from this polluted water. This safety device is attached to the main water line of your irrigation system. A backflow device only allows water to flow in one direction, thus avoiding backflow.

Backflow can occur for many different reasons such as water line breaks, frozen pipes, or a sudden surge of water pressure.

What does a backflow test entail?

An irrigation specialist checking backflow testing in Blue Springs, MO.

If your irrigation system is undergoing a backflow test, the first thing that the technician will do is shut off your water. Next, they will record the condition of your backflow device and other formalities such as the manufacturer, the model, the serial number, the size and location of your backflow device, etc. After these preparatory steps are completed, the actual backflow test can begin; the technician will inspect and test your backflow device to make sure it is in working order. This involves visually inspecting the backflow connections and ensuring that every seal is tight. If there are any loose-fitting seals, they will be re-sealed.

Here in Missouri, annual backflow testing is state-mandated.

Backflow can pose serious health risks for you and your family if lawn chemicals like fertilizer and pesticides have contaminated your drinking water supply. The state of Missouri requires annual backflow testing so these dangers can be avoided. Not having your backflow device tested regularly is not only dangerous but can also be expensive; you can be fined if backflow testing is not completed on time. The water supply to your home or business could even be shut off until you cooperate with these state-mandated regulations. Do yourself and your family a favor and schedule backflow testing at least once a year.

It is recommended that you schedule backflow testing before reactivating your irrigation system in the spring.

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