Fertilization is key to maintaining a beautiful, healthy lawn here in Missouri! The nutrients inside fertilizer can revolutionize your lawn's appearance and even increase your turf's health dramatically. However, when fertilizing your lawn, consistency is a key component to yielding the results you want. Ideally, you should follow a fertilization schedule that will be the most beneficial for your particular lawn, and where your property is located will play a big role in when you should fertilize it. In our state, for example, you should fertilize your lawn five times each year using a granular fertilizer throughout the winter, spring, summer, and fall. Here is more information on when to fertilize your lawn here in Missouri!

Fertilize your lawn in late winter to help it recover after dormancy.

Apply the first fertilization treatment of the year in late winter to help your grass recover after dormancy. In the winter, your grass endured cold weather, snow, and other seasonal stressors. So, as it comes out of dormancy, it's best to fertilize it to give it that extra boost it needs.

By applying fertilizer, you can enrich the soil in your lawn, aid root development, and enhance your turf's green color! A high-quality granular fertilizer can help you achieve optimal results.

Apply fertilizer in the spring to help your grass grow beautiful and strong!

Grown lawn after fertilizer treatments in Johnson County, KS.

In the spring, your grass will be growing using all the energy it stored in the winter to grow. Apply the second fertilization treatment during the middle to late spring using a granular fertilizer to help support its growth.

By fertilizing in the spring, you'll be providing your lawn with the nutrients needed to grow beautiful and strong! The fertilizer can, as a result, help grass look green and help it better withstand diseases, insects, and even harsh weather.

Pair fertilization with a weed control treatment to prevent weeds from stealing the nutrients from your grass!

Fertilizing your lawn early in the summer can prepare your lawn for the heat.

In the summer, temperatures in Missouri can sometimes exceed 90 degrees in July and August! You should apply the third fertilization treatment in the early summer to prepare your lawn for this type of heat.

A granular fertilizer can prepare your lawn to withstand scorching hot days by providing the nutrients it needs to develop strong roots. This can help your lawn look beautiful and green during summer barbeques and other outdoor gatherings.

Fertilize your lawn twice in the fall.

Granular fertilizer in spreader in Kansas City, MO.

Once summer ends, you should apply the fourth treatment of fertilizer in the early fall to help your lawn recover from the hot summer season. The granular fertilizer will enhance the turf's color, help it recover after the heat, and even start to prepare it for fall weather by giving it the nutrients needed to develop a strong root system.

Then, toward the end of fall, you should apply the last fertilization treatment of the year to prepare your lawn for the winter. By using a granular fertilizer at the end of the season, you can ensure your lawn has all the nutrients it needs to stay strong and healthy during harsh seasonal weather.

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