Shutting down your irrigation system after a beautiful season of lawn and garden maintenance is satisfying. It marks the end of another successful year of blending your vision and craft with nature to create a wholly unique expression. After a year of hard work, it can seem like a straightforward thing to winterize your irrigation system. After all, you use it every day. How hard could it be?

As winter approaches Missouri, many of our neighbors are finding themselves with the same question - should I try to DIY my irrigation winterization? A fortunate DIY-er has already learned that knowing when to call in the professionals can save you thousands of dollars and hours of labor. Sometimes omitting even the tiniest step can cause havoc, which is just one reason why we recommend you get your irrigation system winterized by a professional. Not only will an irrigation professional be able to provide an overall check-up of your irrigation system during winterization to catch any glaring issues, but their expertise will also save you from having any delays in the spring season from issues that could have been avoided with professional winterization.

You may miss a step or two if you try to winterize your irrigation system on your own.

Frozen pipes in the winter season in Independence, MO.

Irrigation professionals have winterized thousands of sprinkler systems, giving them the advantage of practice making perfect. Humans learn by seeing and doing. There is simply no instructional video that can replace that practical experience.

A missed step or misunderstood instruction could be the difference between your lawn getting sprinkled next spring and you accidentally presenting your own Las Vegas Bellagio fountain show. Those are two very different water bills!

Irrigation winterization should be performed in early fall to ensure it is protected before the first winter freeze.

Irrigation experts will be able to point out any glaring issues while they winterize your system.

Professional turning off irrigation system for the winter season in Blue Springs, MO.

Chances are, you don't have all of the tools and knowledge that irrigation experts have. During a professional winterization service, you can count on an irrigation expert to take an in-depth look at each of the components of your system and note any issues that need to be fixed in order to keep the system running in peak condition.

This is where an irrigation professional is priceless. Not only can they identify components that require repair or replacement, but they can also get it taken care of more efficiently than if you tried to accomplish it yourself.

DIY irrigation winterization can cause delays in the spring.

It's not always clear when a DIY winterization project has gone wrong until it's too late. You might not know that you have a broken part or a burst pipe until you go to turn your irrigation system back on in the spring. Having a broken irrigation system at the start of the growing season can severely impact your plans for the upcoming season. Hiring an irrigation professional will ensure that your system will be ready to go in the spring as soon as the snow melts!

Don't risk DIY irrigation winterization. Call our team today for professional service.

When it comes to irrigation systems, prevention is critical. It is the lifeline of your lawn and landscape and requires professional management to keep your grounds as beautiful as you create them to be.

Getting your irrigation system professionally winterized saves you time, money, and hassle. It gives you peace of mind during your downtime and makes it easier to plan your upcoming season without any nagging worries or unexpected expenses. You can rest easy knowing that your irrigation system will be ready from the first minute of the new spring season.

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