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Irrigation Maintenance in Independence, Gladstone, & North Kansas City, MO

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Irrigation maintenance services for properties in Independence, Gladstone, MO, and nearby areas include winterization and spring start-up!

Winterization and spring start-up are two services that should be performed on your sprinkler system every year!

Irrigation start-up services at a home in Gladstone, Missouri.

Your irrigation system doesn't need much maintenance or attention for most of the year. But when spring and fall roll around, your sprinkler system will need to be properly turned on or shut off.

Winterizations help protect your system when the weather dips into freezing temperatures. While spring start-ups ensure your sprinkler system operates properly and provides adequate coverage of your lawn. Our trained and certified technicians will visit your property to perform either maintenance service for your residential or commercial sprinkler system. Our services are available for properties in Independence City and surrounding towns in the northwest area of Missouri.

How does our irrigation start-up service prepare your sprinkler system for the upcoming spring season?

Now that the winter weather has passed, your lawn and other landscape plants will start to come out of their winter dormancy. Watering within the first few weeks of spring is key to helping your lawn grass and plantings spring up strong and healthy for the new growing season.

Our spring start-up service for your irrigation system involves:

  • Slowly filling the main lines with water to spot any leaks or damage to the piping
  • Inspecting each watering zone and adjusting sprinkler heads to ensure proper coverage
  • Program the control system to your designated spring watering schedule
  • Ensure all timers are active

We will also perform a backflow test as part of our spring start-up service.

Why is a backflow test needed for your irrigation system?

Backflow tests are an annual requirement and should always be done before turning your sprinkler system back on in the spring. Fertilizers, pesticides, and pet waste found on your lawn can go through your irrigation system and contaminate your property's water supply. The backflow preventer keeps this from happening, which is why doing a yearly test is so important.

What is involved in our irrigation winterization process?

Once the winter season starts, it's important to have a professional company come out to your property and perform a winterization service on your sprinkler system. Our winterization process is extremely thorough so that no part of the shutdown process is overlooked. We began offering this service between late September and early November so we can get your irrigation system winterized before the first hard freeze.

Once we've shut off the water supply connecting to the system, we will blow out all the water using an air compressor. Each zone is blown out one at a time until there is no more water dripping out of the sprinkler heads. After we disconnect the compressor, we'll ensure all valves are closed and then power down the entire control system.

If you don't winterize your irrigation system, water left in the system could freeze, expand and cause your pipes to burst which can lead to irreversible damage or a costly repair.

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We are Independence's local landscaping company and have helped our community members achieve beautiful lawns for over 30 years. Our winterization and spring start-up services will keep your irrigation system in top shape all year. By having these irrigation maintenance services performed, you're protecting your landscape investment for the long-run.

Call us today at (816) 886-1121 if your property is located in Independence, Gladstone, North Kansas City, or a nearby area to have our technicians come and service your sprinkler system!

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