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Jackson County, Missouri Lawn Care & Pest Control Services

We offer high-quality lawn care and pest control services to homes and businesses in Jackson County, MO.

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We provide lawn care and pest control services for commercial and residential properties in Jackson County, MO.

Our team is skilled at performing fertilization, aeration, lime treatments, pest control, and more.

Located in the western part of Missouri, Jackson County spans over 723 square miles and is home to more than 700,000 people. This county has 16 cities, including Independence, Blue Springs, Raytown, Grain Valley, and more. Long-time residents and visitors can enjoy the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Native Hooved Animal Enclosure, and more.

At Sam's Turf Care, our team serves residential and commercial properties in Jackson County to improve their health and appearance with our lawn care and pest control services. Some of our lawn care services include fertilization, aeration, lime treatments, and weed control. We are also skilled at repairing irrigation systems, applying pest control treatments, and more.

We keep your grass healthy year-round with our lawn and landscape care services.

Professional from Sam's Turf performing overseeding service in Jackson County, MO.

We take care of lawns in Jackson County, MO by giving them the vital nutrients they need to flourish. When you hire our team at Sam's Turf Care, our 7-step fertilization and weed control program will ensure your lawn has enough nutrients to remain healthy and green while keeping pesky weeds away. We can also control the weeds in your landscape beds!

If the soil on your lawn is too compacted, nutrients cannot reach the roots of your grass. We offer aeration services to loosen up the soil and allow vital resources to nourish your lawn again. Our team can perform core aeration in the fall and liquid aeration in the spring.

Overseeding your turf promotes new growth and refreshes the appearance of your lawn in Jackson County. We can overseed your grass after we aerate the soil in the fall, so the grass seeds have the best chance to germinate and thrive.

Our team at Sam's Turf Care also provides lime treatments to balance the pH level of your soil. A balanced soil pH level means the roots can better absorb nutrients and nourish your grass.

Lastly, we also provide tree and shrub care services that include fertilization, insect infestation control, and disease control.

Our experts can keep their trained eyes on your irrigation system through our repair, winterization, backflow testing, and startup services.

Pest Control Services That Protect Your Lawn

Professional performing pesticide treatment on trees in Jackson County, MO.

It's tough to enjoy the outdoors with your pets if your yard has fleas and ticks. We provide flea and tick control treatments that involve granular applications so we can effectively get rid of these pests in your yard.

It's another story when pests get inside your home or business. To protect your property in Jackson County, schedule our 6-step perimeter pest control program that significantly reduces the population of pests and keeps them on the outside of your home or business.

Some pests can damage your lawn in Jackson County, MO, like moles, voles, and grubs. Our team provides mole and vole repellant using a product called liquid fence to deter these pests. We also offer preventative and curative grub control treatments to protect your lawn from future infestations and eliminate existing grubs.

Our winter services include holiday lighting and snow removal.

We can perk up your home or business in Jackson County during the holidays with our holiday lighting services. Leave everything to our team! We have you covered from installation, removal, and storage.

We also provide commercial snow removal for businesses in Jackson County. Shoveling the snow by yourself is challenging, especially while running your business! Leave that task to our crew so you can focus more on your customers.

Transform your property with our lawn care and pest control services. Call us today to book!

At Sam's Turf Care, we work to provide you with our high-quality lawn care and pest control services. Our team will help transform your property by cultivating healthy and green lawns that you can enjoy without worrying about harmful pests! We provide our services for commercial, residential, and HOA properties in Jackson County, MO. Call us today at (816) 886-1121 to book!

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