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Comprehensive Lawn Care Services in Kansas City, Missouri

We've helped lawns in Kansas City remain healthy and thriving with our comprehensive services like aeration, overseeding, fertilization, and weed control.

Located right on the border of Kansas, Kansas City is the largest and most populous city in the entire state of Missouri. In 1850, the town of Kansas was officially incorporated and the state of Kansas was established shortly after. This caused major confusion for residents which led to the city eventually being renamed Kansas City. This mid-western city is known for its mouth-watering BBQ, jazz heritage, and historic athletics in baseball. Some must-see sights in Kansas City include the American Jazz Museum and The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. If you're a fan of history and baseball, be sure to check out the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum in the famous 18th and Vine Jazz District.

Besides bustling city activities, Kansas City has countless parks and biking trails with beautiful landscapes and scenery. With a population of nearly half a million, Sam's Turf Care has helped thousands of residents and businesses cultivate lawns filled with healthy green grass. You can trust us to put the same amount of care and attention into your lawn too!

Our lawn care services, such as fertilization and weed control, target the health and appearance of your lawn and plants.

Broadleaf weeds growing in Kansas City, Missouri.

Fertilization - We offer a 7-step fertilization program that also includes weed, grub, and insect control. Our fertilization treatments consist of both a fast and slow-release granular mix to ensure the best results.

Tree & Shrub Fertilization - When trees and shrubs are fertilized, it gives them a boost of nutrients that ultimately increases their life span and vitality. We offer this service in early spring and late fall.

Weed Control - Our preemergent granular herbicide treatment prevents weeds from springing up while our post-emergent liquid treatment attacks weeds that are already present.

Landscape Bed Weed Control - Weeds not only feed off your grass, but they also creep into your landscape beds and steal nutrients away from your plants too. To prevent this, we apply a pre-emergent to plant beds in the spring.

Aeration - Aeration helps relieve compaction within your lawn's soil to give your grass better access to water, oxygen, and nutrients. We offer both liquid and mechanical core aeration services.

Overseeding - We overseed lawns in the fall using a fescue/bluegrass premium seed mix. Overseeding provides the best results when done directly after an aeration service.

Protect your grass and plants with treatments that target harmful diseases, insects, and pests.

Lawn grub worms up close in Kansas City, Missouri.

Perimeter Pest Control - We use safe and effective pest control products to create a thick barrier around your home that insects and bugs won't dare cross!

Grub Control - Grubs are a common issue in our area, which is why we have created a program dedicated to preventing them from wreaking havoc on your lawn.

Lawn Diseases - Lawn diseases like brown spot, dollar spot, and leaf blight are common in the Independence area. Contact our experts to identify the issue and make a customized treatment plan.

Lawn Insects - We offer preventative and curative treatments for most lawn insects in our area.

Flea & Tick Control - Protect yourself, your family, your guests, and your pets from the dangers of fleas and ticks. Our company will apply a preventative, granular product to deter fleas and ticks from entering your property.

Shrub/Tree Diseases & Insects - Bigger vegetation like shrubs and trees require different treatments for issues such as disease and insect infestations. We are licensed and trained to apply preventative and curative treatments.

Mole & Vole Repellant - Moles and voles can cause extensive damage to your lawn. Tell-tale signs include random mounds of soil and tunnels that look like runways. Our team will efficiently and harmlessly deter these pests from returning to your yard with our organic-based mole and vole liquid fence repellant.

We also provide irrigation maintenance, holiday lighting, and snow removal for your home or business.

Irrigation maintenance performed at a property in Kansas City, Missouri.

Irrigation Maintenance - Your sprinkler system has the important job of giving your grass and plants an adequate amount of water, therefore it must be properly cared for. We offer winterization services in the winter to shut down your system, and irrigation startups in the spring to turn it back on in time for the growing season.

Holiday Lighting - We prefer a hassle-free approach to holiday lighting and decorations. That's why our company will install, take down, and store your lights until the next holiday season rolls around. We offer a variety of energy-saving, colored LED lights that you simply can't find in stores!

Snow Removal & Deicing - Piles of snow and slippery ice are dangerous for clients and employees. Our heavy-duty snowplows, trucks, and skid steers will effectively clear snow from your property as soon as the snow falls or when your property receives 1 inch of snowfall. For sidewalks and entryways, we use a powerful calcium chloride deicing treatment that ensures safe passage for patrons and employees.

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You can't go wrong with full-service lawn care. All the services you want and need are just a call away when you choose us to take care of your lawn and landscape. We've been providing excellent lawn care since 1985 so you can rest assured knowing that your Kansas City home is in good hands! Give our team a call at (816) 886-1121 to enroll in our lawn care program today.

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