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A Independence, Missouri home with a beautiful lawn with lawn care services.

Lawn Care Services in Independence, Gladstone, & North Kansas City, MO

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Take care of your landscape with our comprehensive lawn care services, offered to properties in Independence, MO, and nearby communities.

From fertilization to grub control, you can trust us to keep your lawn healthy and protected from harmful lawn diseases and insects.

Lawn care services performed at a North Kansas City, MO property.

There are various factors that come into play when trying to maintain a healthy and thriving lawn. When you're trying to do it all on your own, it's easy to unintentionally ignore certain parts of lawn care that don't seem as important as others. Most homeowners only pay attention to the appearance of their lawn and put most of their energy into the maintenance side. The problem is that the appearance and health of your lawn stem directly from the amount of care you put into your grass and landscape plants. Services like fertilization treatments and grub control ensure your lawn is receiving an adequate amount of water and nutrients.

Our team is passionate about tending to every aspect of your lawn care needs to make sure your lawn is always green and full. Contact our team about our many lawn care services if you own a home or property in Independence, Gladstone, North Kansas City, or Raytown, MO.

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A Gladstone, Missouri lawn with fertilizer mixed into grass.

Soil provides your lawn with some nutrients but fertilizer acts as a catalyst in helping your lawn reach its maximum potential. We offer a 7-step fertilization treatment program that is comprised of a combination of granular and liquid herbicides to ensure the best results. Our fertilization program is offered from early spring to late fall.

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Weed Control

Broadleaf weeds growing in a North Kansas City, Missouri lawn.

Weeds can be frustrating because of their tendency to deprive your grass of nutrients. Constantly weeding your garden takes up so much of your time and doesn't really solve the problem at the core. Our team offers pre-emergent, post-emergent, and spot treatment services that treat common weeds such as annual grassy weeds, broadleaf, foxtails, and many more stubborn weeds.

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Core Aeration

Lawn core aeration soil plugs from aeration services at a Blue Springs, MO property.

Our core aeration services relieve soil compaction, reduce thatch buildup, and allow nutrients to reach deep into grass roots and soil. The process includes removing cores of soil from the ground to improve the circulation of nutrients within the grass roots. We recommend pairing this service with overseeding and having it performed in the fall.

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Lawn seed for overseeding services in Lee's Summit, Missouri.

If your lawn is susceptible to thinning and patching, having your lawn overseeded is the best solution. Overseeding involves spreading new grass seed on your existing turf to allow your lawn to grow back thicker and fuller. This service produces the best results when done directly after core aeration. Our seeds are a premium mix of fescue and bluegrass. We recommend overseeding in the fall.

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Perimeter Pest Control

Perimeter pest control services at a Grain Valley, MO property.

Lawn pests and insects feed off of your lawn grass and pose various health risks if they reach the inside of your home. Our perimeter pest control service is a safe and effective solution for preventing bugs and pests from entering your home. All of our exterminators are licensed and insured, which means they've had thorough training in identifying pests, the creation of pest control plans, and proper techniques.

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Grub Control

Lawn grub in soil and grass near Gladstone, Missouri.

Grubs leech nutrients from your soil and grass which affects the health of your lawn and ruins the beauty of it. Our approach to relieving your lawn of pesky grubs involves creating preventative barriers that repel grubs and treating your lawn with 100% organic applications for areas that need special attention.

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Mole Repellent

Mole hill damage in a lawn in North Kansas City, Missouri.

Moles can cause major damage to your lawn if left untreated. We provide highly effective mole repellent treatments that offer year-round protection from these damaging lawn pests through creating a powerful barrier that drives moles away from your property's lawn.

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Irrigation Maintenance

Irrigation maintenance services on a valve box at a home in Independence, MO.

Water is the main nutrient your lawn needs to remain healthy and maintain a lush green appearance. If your sprinkler system isn't properly maintained, certain parts of your grass will be underwatered, causing partial yellowing and uneven patches of grass growth. We provide irrigation system start-ups, winterizations, and repairs.

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Contact our team to begin customizing your lawn care program today!

When wanting to cultivate a lawn that's flourishing in both health and appearance, you need professionals who will take a comprehensive approach to reach every aspect of lawn care. Our company has provided effective lawn care services to communities in Independence for over 30 years. Trust us to do the same for you!

For homeowners and property owners in Independence, Gladstone, North Kansas City, & Raytown, MO, call us at (816) 886-1121 to receive a custom lawn care plan today!

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