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Keep your grass healthy with routine services fertilization, weed control, and core aeration.

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Quality Lawn Care Services in Lee's Summit, MO

The city of Lee's Summit is located in the northwestern region of Missouri, just a 20 mile drive away from the infamous Kansas City. Its ease of access to top-rated attractions like the Kansas City Zoo, Starlight Theatre, and downtown shopping malls make it a convenient destination to vacation in when visiting the state of Missouri. The city also has a rich history in farming because of its internationally known showplace farm, Longview Farm.

The farm was the largest and grandiose of its time, complete with a mansion, 5 barns, 42 buildings, and a church. Today, the farm is home to Longview Community College and Longview Elementary school. The church and mansion are listed on the National Register of Historic Places and can still be visited by locals and tourists. Our company prides itself on helping to keep this historic city of nearly 90,000 residents beautiful with quality lawn care services like fertilization, weed control, core aeration, and more. Talk with our team about scheduling a lawn care service for your property today.

Lawn care services like fertilization and aeration help maintain the health of your lawn all season long.

It's no secret that lawns need a certain amount of nutrients, water, and oxygen to remain healthy and thriving. Without one or other, your lawn's root system can become malnourished and weak. Weak grass means your lawn is more susceptible to diseases, insect infestations, and a poor appearance. We can help your lawn look its best year-round with lawn care services like fertilization, weed control, and core aeration. All of these services should be routinely performed on your landscape to ward off small issues that can quickly turn into bigger problems that require more extensive solutions.

Our list of lawn care services include:

Lawn pests like grubs, moles, and voles hinder grass growth.

We can help protect your lawn from unnecessary damage due to invasive insects and rodents. Our lawn care professionals are experienced and adept at identifying what damage is done by which pest so that we're accurately able to treat your lawn. Some insects cause your grass blades to slowly detach from their roots which eliminates the flow of nutrients. So if our team notices dead grass or spongey areas within your lawn, we know that your lawn needs grub control treatments. If we see random mounds of soil or tunnels that look like runways in your yard, we know to apply mole and vole deterrent applications throughout your lawn.

Our list of pest control services include:

Additional services like irrigation and holiday lighting services.

Your sprinkler system has the important job of giving your grass an adequate amount of water each day. Seasonal maintenance like winterizations and startups ensures that your irrigation system isn't missing any spots in your lawn or underwatering your grass. A winterization service is a preventative measure that's used to protect your system from damage during freezing temperatures. In the spring when temperatures begin to rise, a startup is needed to get your sprinkler up and running for the growing season.

Our professional holiday lighting services will take one thing off your hectic list during the holidays. We offer holiday lighting packages that include custom-cut lights to fit your property and decor, installation of your new lights, take down, and storage. Our team will handle all your Christmas light installation needs.

Our list of additional services include:

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We've been providing quality lawn care services to Lee Summit residents for over three decades! Our customer service, attention to detail, and knowledge of the green industry are what keep our customers coming back. Call (816) 886-1121 to have your team routinely perform lawn care services that will keep your grass healthy all year long!

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