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Mole Repellant Treatment for Properties in Independence, Gladstone, North Kansas City, & Surrounding Cities in MO

Our liquid fence mole repellant treatments include year-round protection.

Mole hill damage to a lawn in North Kansas City, Missouri.

Have you noticed volcano-shaped soil mounds throughout your lawn? It is likely that moles have found their way onto your property. Moles will search for insects, grubs, and soil organisms to feed on, digging their way through your lawn until they are forced to stop. Left untreated, moles will create substantial lawn damage.

The good news is, our company offers a highly effective repellent treatment to deter moles from returning. This treatment is called liquid fence mole repellant and it is meant to create a strong barrier that moles want to stay away from. The best news about this treatment is that our team offers our customers year-round protection so that they never have to worry about mole damage again.

What is liquid fence mole repellant?

Liquid fence is a repellant that deters many different types of pests. Our crew will spray a blanket of the mole-specific liquid repellant over your lawn, covering as much as we can. Liquid fence will not be activated until your lawn is watered - only then will it absorb into your soil and cover all of the mole's food sources. We have found that this is the most efficient and harmless way to deter moles because those tiny lawn insects such as earthworms and grubs are what keeps moles coming back for more. The liquid fence repellant absorbs into the skin of the lawn insects, making them taste super sour. When moles come back to get some food, they will be surprised with an unpleasant taste in their mouth and no longer want to return for more.

The liquid fence repellant that we use is organic-based, meaning you can rest easy knowing that your family, pets, and plants are not being put in harm's way. Neither are the lawn insects or moles! This repellant tactic is a non-invasive and safer way to deter moles from returning to your lawn and searching for more insects.

Our mole repellant offers protection year-round.

When you hire our company to take care of your mole problem, we will go above and beyond. Our mole repellant process offers protection year-round. When you sign up, our crew shows up at your home or business 6 different times a year to apply the treatment. Even though you will no longer see the tell-tale sign of mounds of soil throughout your lawn, our job won't be done. Since each treatment will eventually wear off, we will be back to reapply the liquid fence every 6 weeks to ensure that you won't have to deal with another mole infestation!

Say goodbye to those mounds of soil in your lawn! Sign up for mole repellant treatments today.

A Gladstone, Missouri home lawn with mole repellant services.

It can feel a little alarming when you notice random mounds of soil throughout your lawn. Mole problems can quickly put a damper on things, but that is where we step in! We understand that one treatment is only putting a hold on the mole infestation and you'll have to deal with it again down the road. That is why we have stretched our mole repellant program to offer protection year-round.

Trust the company that has been applying mole repellant treatments since 1985! We service homes and business located in Independence, MO, as well as nearby locations such as Gladstone, North Kansas City, and Raytown. Call our office today at (816) 886-1121 to sign up for our mole repellant treatments and say goodbye to those pesky moles!

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