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Lawn seeds up close in Gladstone, Missouri.

Overseeding Lawn Services in Independence, MO

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Fill in bare or thinning areas of your lawn with our overseeding service provided for properties in Independence, Gladstone, North Kansas City, MO, and nearby areas.

Boost your existing grass growth and lawn fullness by pairing an overseeding service with your aeration today!

Lawn overseeding services at a commercial property in Blue Springs, MO.

The best way to revitalize a dull and thinning lawn is by scheduling an overseeding service! Let us improve your curb appeal and strengthen your existing turf using a high-quality seed mix after your lawn has been aerated by our core aeration machine!

Have your residential or commercial property treated by industry professionals so your grass always stays healthy and strong! We provide our services to the Independence area and other nearby cities in Northwest Missouri.

When do we perform our overseeding services for your lawn?

Our overseeding services are done in the fall long before the winter season starts! We do this because the summer temperatures make it too hot for the seeds to survive. In our area of the country, the soil in the fall is warm enough for seeds to germinate and sprout new grass before the cold winter weather sets in. The timing is perfect because our overseeding service is only offered alongside our core aeration service, which is also done in the fall!

When your lawn is aerated prior to reseeding, the growth rate of the seedlings is drastically improved because of the direct seed-to-soil contact. The seeds are able to germinate deep enough into the ground and receive a surplus of nutrients while they establish a strong root system.

How can overseeding improve lawn health overall?

Performing an overseeding service is another way to help your lawn remain healthy, alongside fertilization and aeration. Rather than just adding grass seeds to the bald and thinning areas of your yard, it’s better and more efficient to spread them out across the entire lawn! By doing this:

  • You will increase the resiliency of the existing turf - There are many factors that can harm the health of your lawn, so it’s important that your grass has the ability to withstand these elements and keep from getting stressed.
  • It’ll be easier for your lawn to fight off disease and insects - Having a thick turf with a strong, deep root system makes it harder for bugs to burrow through the soil and make a home for themselves.
  • You'll prevent weeds from taking over your lawn - Bare or dead spots are prime real estate for weeds. Overseeding fills in those areas again with fresh grass growth and helps choke out any weeds looking for a place to germinate.
Large grass lawn nearby a home in Gladstone, MO.

We use a premium seed blend for our overseeding service that consists of Fescue (90%) and Bluegrass mix (10%).

What is the maintenance process for lawns that have received an overseeding service?

Most people report seeing new grass growth within a week of their overseeding service! But to ensure your seeds properly germinate, they need to be frequently watered over the next several weeks.

You should water your lawn right after the overseeding service and then every day for two weeks. The grass and soil should be lightly watered, but never soaked. You only need to water about the first inch or two of soil. Once the seeds have fully germinated, you can cut down on the lawn watering schedule, but still do a deeper soak every so often to keep the new roots strong.

Our overseeding service will make your lawn fuller and lusher in just a few weeks! Speak to a team member to get on our fall schedule!

Our lawn care services are fast, friendly, and professional! We've helped hundreds of properties in Independence, Gladstone, North Kansas City, and other nearby cities cultvate a lawn that's fuller and lusher than it was before. Call us today at (816) 886-1121 to see how you can get on our fall overseeding schedule!

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