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Core aeration lawn plugs at a property in North Kansas City, MO.

Aeration of Lawns Services in Independence, MO

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Maintain a strong and healthy lawn with core aeration! Servicing Independence, Gladstone, MO, and surrounding areas.

Core aeration improves the soil’s ability to absorb oxygen, water, and nutrients so the lawn’s root system is consistently nourished!

Core aeration equipment performing aeration services in Gladstone, Missouri.

The lawn's root system needs oxygen, water, and nutrients to stay healthy just like people do! But when the soil underneath becomes too compacted, it can restrict all three from getting through to the lawn's root system. It won't take long for your grass to start appearing unhealthy, which is why core aeration is such an important step in your lawn care routine!

We offer both liquid and mechanical aeration services for residential and commercial properties in Independence, MO, including the surrounding areas of Gladstone, North Kansas City, and Raytown.

Why should your lawn be aerated every year?

Over time, the soil becomes compacted from constant foot traffic and can develop a thick layer of thatch. This thatch buildup mostly consists of dead plant material and is found in between the healthy grass and the soil.

The soil compaction and excessive thatch material prevent water, fertilizers, and oxygen from reaching the root system. It’s also a safe haven for bugs and insects who like to feed on your grass and its roots.

What exactly does a mechanical aeration machine do to your lawn?

When your lawn is aerated with a core aeration machine, plugs, or cores, of soil are removed from the ground. The small holes made in your lawn help loosen up compacted soil so more oxygen, water, and nutrients can easily flow through and be absorbed by the lawn’s root system.

You’ll also notice that there will be multiple plugs of dirt strewn across the lawn. These cores are intentionally left behind so they can decompose organic matter back into the soil.

How to tell if your lawn needs an aeration service?

Your lawn won’t be shy in showing you when it needs a core or liquid aeration service. Some of the first things you’ll start to notice are:

  • Discolored or yellowing areas - Anytime your lawn’s emerald green sheen begins to fade and become discolored is a sign that it’s lacking in nutrients.
  • Puddles of water in your lawn - Water should be immediately soaked into and absorbed by the soil. So if there’s a lot of water that’s sitting on top of the soil, this can mean the soil is packed too tightly.
  • Areas with thinning grass growth - Bald patches in your lawn means that grass is growing much slower in those areas, or simply not surviving at all. Once the root system isn’t able to properly absorb water and nutrients, the grass is much quicker to die off.

When is the best time of year for core or liquid aeration?

The greatest time of the year for core aeration is in the fall. The fall season is when your grass is the strongest, meaning it can easily handle our mechanical machine pulling up tiny sections of soil. Core aerating your lawn when your grass is not strong enough, such as in the winter or the summer months, could stress your grass out too much and affect its health. If you would like to schedule liquid aeration instead, we usually offer this service in the spring season. Liquid aeration is a gentler process than core aeration, however, your grass still needs to have a bit of strength and should be actively growing. No matter if you choose core or liquid aeration, always schedule one or the other annually!

A freshly aerated lawn in Independence, MO.

Jumpstart new grass growth by including overseeding with your core aeration service!

If you really want to boost grass growth, we highly recommend pairing with our overseeding service! Many homeowners choose to overseed their lawns after an aeration service to take advantage of the better seed-to-soil contact that core aeration offers! Performing both services together provides the best environment for new seedlings to grow.

Schedule a core aeration service with Independence's leading lawn care experts!

Sam's Turf Care van with aeration liquid sprayer machine displayed in Independence, MO.

Our lawn care specialists at Sam's Turf Care have years of experience caring for yards all across Independence, MO, and cities in the nearby area. If you'd like to receive a quote about our core aeration services, call us today at (816) 886-1121. Let our team start you on the journey to a healthier lawn!

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