While DIY perimeter pest control is highly tempting, it can make matters worse. There are four reasons property owners run into issues when doing their own pest control. They often 1) don't know about the common harborage areas to focus on, 2) are unaware of which products are most effective, 3) don’t know how to safely handle the unfamiliar chemicals, or 4) fail to stay on top of treatments.

It's typically a good idea to avoid do-it-yourself pest control especially if the four scenarios above apply to you. However, you don't want to completely ignore pest sightings near your home's perimeter either. Instead, it is best to rely on licensed professionals like the ones on our team to safely and effectively eradicate your pest problem.

1. You might not know exactly where your pests are harboring.

Ants crawling under a wall in a home near Independence, MO.

Different types of pests gather in different environments. If you don't know where the pests are hiding on your property, you could miss a colony and still have a pest problem after you have spent all of that time and money on DIY pest control. Missing just two pests could start you back at square one with another infestation.

Professional companies know exactly where to look for harborage areas. They are trained and educated on how to locate and fully eliminate all colonies to ensure that the infestation does not continue.

2. Different Pests Require Different Products

The key to using the right pest control products is identifying the type of pest you're dealing with. Without this information, you're just throwing spaghetti at the wall. For example, you could be noticing cockroaches on your property, however, there are many different types of cockroaches and different products for each type.

Spraying a pest control treatment that doesn’t actually eradicate your specific pest will only waste your hard-earned time and money. Relying on a professional pest control company is your best bet because the technicians undergo extensive training on the best products to use to fully eradicate many types of pests.

3. Spraying Unfamiliar Chemicals Is Dangerous

Spraying unknown chemicals is a safety hazard and could put you, your family, your pets, and your lawn at risk. The best way to experience the intended results is to make sure the person applying the pest control treatment understands the ramifications of each product they handle.

Professional pest control technicians typically have years of experience handling these products and know exactly how to create the safest environment during the application process.

4. You Must Keep Up With Treatments

Spraying perimeter pest control treatments around a home in Independence, Missouri.

Once you begin applying any type of pest control, it's important to know when and how often to use that particular product to keep your property protected. That's because pest control isn't a one-off treatment.Perimeter pest control demands ongoing treatments at specific intervals. Failure to take this into account often results in a prolonged infestation.

For example, one product may only last two to three months, while another might continue to work for much longer. Additionally, there are times when the severity of the problem determines the treatment frequency. By working with a professional pest control technician, you can rest easy knowing that your property is getting enough treatments in the correct timing intervals for the best protection.

Professional pest control companies allow you to "set and forget" your pest control treatments, as they will remember when to retreat your property so that you don't have to.

Avoid these DIY mistakes altogether. Contact us to schedule our perimeter pest control service today!

As perimeter pest control service providers, our job is to make sure the pests you see in your home or business don't multiply into a full-blown invasion. If you believe your pest problem has already reached the infestation stage, don't worry. Our pest control specialists can craft a solution to exterminate serious pest problems once and for all.

Don't leave your property's safety up to trial and error by trying to tackle a pest problem on your own with a DIY attempt. If your home or business is in Independence, Gladstone, North Kansas City, or a surrounding area in Missouri and you're experiencing pest problems, call us today at (816) 886-1121 to schedule our perimeter pest control service.