Although removing weeds may seem like a simple task on the surface, it's not as simple as pulling them up and the problem is solved. Pulling up weeds can worsen the problem in most cases, especially if you are tangling with perennial weeds like dandelion, ground ivy, thistle, and more, commonly found in Missouri. Instead, opt for a post-emergent weed control treatment that will eliminate the weeds from your property. To prevent them altogether, the best offense is a good defense! Applying a pre-emergent weed control treatment in spring will keep them from establishing themselves in your landscape beds, saving you time in the long run. With this knowledge in your arsenal, you'll be in the best shape possible to tangle with weeds come spring!

Hand pulling perennial weeds can leave behind roots they can use to regrow.

A patch of yellow weeds growing on our potential customer's lawn in Raytown, MO.

Just like any other plant, weeds can be categorized into three main groups based on how long their life cycle is – annual, biennial, and perennial. Perennial weeds live longer than two years and are more persistent nuisances than annual weeds in many cases. Hand pulling these weeds at the wrong time can dislodge their seeds, helping spread more weeds across your property even as you're getting rid of some. They have long, creeping roots, and if any bit of root is left behind, the weed will regrow as if it had never been plucked. To top it off, manually disturbing the root or stem of these plants can actually stimulate growth, leaving you with bigger and stronger weeds in your landscape beds than you had before!

Post-emergent weed control has more consistent results than hand pulling.

Rather than waging a potentially neverending hand-pulling war against weeds, opt for a post-emergent weed control treatment. Post-emergent weed control will eradicate weeds from your landscape beds after they've already germinated. Often a liquid treatment, the herbicide works by traveling down the plant stalk and into the root system to eliminate the entire weed, leaving no roots behind. With the precise application of post-emergent weed control producing consistent results, your landscape beds will be weed-free in no time!

Weeds generally start to germinate after temperatures reach around 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

You can prevent weeds by applying pre-emergent weed control in spring.

While weeds can be handled after they've germinated, the best course of action is to prevent the problem entirely. You can do this by applying pre-emergent weed control in the spring before weeds sprout in your lands. Pre-emergent weed control will create a protective barrier near the surface so that even if weed seeds have germinated, they are not able to sprout – meaning you'll never even see them come up! This is good practice to do every year so that you never have to worry about the headache of weeds taking over your landscape beds.

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At Sam's Turf Care, we know how detrimental weeds can be to a landscape, not only in looks but also for the health of your plants. As students of everything lawn and landscape, we're well versed in all types of weeds in our area, their life cycles, and how to best approach eliminating them. Our landscape bed weed control service covers all the bases, so whether you're in need of a pre-emergent treatment or post-emergent, we've got your back! We're so confident that we'll be able to resolve your weed problem that we back our services with a 100% iron-clad money-back guarantee. What are you waiting for? Our services are available for commercial, residential, and HOA property owners in Independence, MO and nearby cities like Gladstone and North Kansas City. If you're in the area, call our team at (816) 886-1121 today to schedule our landscape bed weed control service!