There is nothing more unnerving than noticing cockroaches indoors! These flat, small insects are masters of concealment, so when you see one, it's usually not a very good sign either! In fact, this typically means it's time you take a few anti-cockroach steps to rid your property of them. To deter cockroaches, it's important you pick up a mop and broom and start cleaning crumbs and residue left from any spilled drinks. Then, you should pack food into a sealed tight container to prevent leaving the roaches a food source. Finally, you should call a professional pest control company here in Missouri to sign up for a perimeter pest control program. Continue reading to learn more information on each step!

Deep clean your home or business to deter cockroaches from returning.

Cockroach found over bathroom counter in De Soto, KS.

Cockroaches are disgusting insects that can invade your home or business in search of food. So, if you noticed cockroaches crawling around, chances are there are more lingering around and eating food crumbs and residue left from spilled drinks. To disinvite them, you need to complete a deep cleaning of your property.

Once a cockroach notices a food source, it'll continue to return. These insects are like you and me — they enjoy having an assured place to get some grub. Here are a few places to prioritize when cleaning:

  • Areas near kitchen sinks and bathroom sinks
  • Areas near loose baseboards and small cracks
  • Near appliances that radiate heat
  • Areas with cardboard, clothes, and books

Common cockroaches in Missouri include German cockroaches, brown-banded cockroaches, American cockroaches, and Oriental cockroaches.

Pack your food into tightly sealed containers to deter cockroaches.

Cockroach found over food left out in Raytown, MO.

The cockroaches at your property aren't there to gross you out. They are there because they found an assured food source. So, after completing a deep clean of your home, you should make sure all the food in your kitchen is sealed in tight containers. Any food is an invitation to pests like cockroaches, so it's likely these opportunistic insects may take a liking to things like the opened cereal box in your pantry.

Unfortunately, keeping open bags of food can even affect your health if cockroaches get in them! According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, cockroaches can leave salmonella, staphylococcus, and other pathogens on your food or even cause allergies. To prevent this, make sure to tightly pack your food away to keep the roaches away.

Call a professional pest control company and sign up for a perimeter pest control service.

Cleaning your home or business and packing food away can deter roaches from coming. However, the most effective method is to sign up for a perimeter pest control service with a professional pest control company. When you sign up for a perimeter pest control service, professionals spray liquid insecticide around the outside of your home or business.

The product is applied in several places, including near cables, pipes, and wires, about every six weeks to ensure that all entrances to your property are protected. This can help prevent cockroaches, from squirming into your property and continuing to wreak havoc.

Call us today to sign up for our perimeter pest control program!

Cockroaches are disgusting insects that can spread disease, cause allergies, and give you a raging case of paranoia. They are essentially no good, especially while inside your property, so they have to go! At Sam's Turf Care, we can help you solve your cockroach problem with our perimeter pest control service! We will work with you to help keep your property roach and pest free. Call us at (816) 886-1121 to sign up for our perimeter pest control program! We service Independence, Gladstone, North Kansas City, and nearby areas in Missouri.