Winter will arrive shortly here in the Independence, MO area, which means that your lawn will soon go into dormancy. If your lawn is not responding to fertilizer treatments or is showing signs that it is nutrient deficient, you'll want to schedule a winter lime treatment for your lawn. Lime is a soil amendment made from ground limestone rock and it helps to increase the pH level of the soil. Winter is the ideal time to schedule a lime treatment as the snow and rain that we experience this time of year help your lawn absorb the lime. While it may seem simple to apply a lime treatment yourself, you should always hire a professional to do the job as lime can be an irritant to the skin and if it's not applied correctly, it can actually harm your lawn.

What are lime treatments and how do they work?

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Lime treatments are a form of lawn care that relies on limestone to help balance your soil's pH level. Since lime is comprised of calcium and magnesium, it will make your soil less acidic and more alkaline.

Lime often comes in pellet or powder form and is generally time-released or quick-acting. Many lawn care professionals apply lime by walking across your lawn and using a spreader for even application. As the lime penetrates your soil, it improves the pH level and helps your lawn better absorb nutrients.

In addition to improving soil quality, lime treatments also help to break down the organic matter that sits between your soil and grass known as thatch.

When is the best time of the year to apply lime, and why?

Winter is the best time of the year to apply lime to your lawn as the precipitation and snow that we experience during this season help your soil better absorb the lime. In addition to absorption, applying lime in early winter gives your soil the time it needs to heal your lawn ahead of spring. This means that when spring rolls around, your lawn will have the strength to rebound from its winter dormancy more easily.

Why should you hire a professional to apply lime treatment vs. DIY?

While applying your own lime treatment may seem harmless enough, there are potential risks associated with handling lime treatments. Namely, if lime comes into contact with your skin or eyes, it can cause extreme irritations. It could also be harmful if you happen to inhale it. In addition to being harmful to humans, lime can be dangerous to pets.

The safety issues associated with handling lime are one reason it's best to leave lime treatments to the professionals instead of doing it yourself. In addition to the potential risks of handling lime, there are other concerns, such as oversaturation. A professional can ensure you don't apply too much lime to your grass, as this could drastically raise your soil's pH level which can be detrimental to your lawn.

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If your lawn has recently begun resisting fertilizer or growing weeds, there's a good chance it lacks nutrients and could benefit from a lime treatment. If this sounds like your lawn, you can trust Sam's Turf Care to safely apply lime to your lawn. We've been helping property owners apply lime treatments to their lawns since 1985, and would be happy to help you too.
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