Property owners all want the same thing: to have a beautiful and healthy lawn that is free of weeds. It can be a complicated task, but it's achievable. An effective fertilization and weed control program is the ultimate lawn care service you need to achieve an outstanding lawn. Getting both services in one program will provide your turf with the nutrients that it needs to thrive while also preventing pesky weeds from stealing nutrients from your grass and plants. Enrolling in a program that offers both of these services is crucial as fertilization benefits from weed control and vice versa.

Fertilization Gives Your Lawn Enough Strength to Thrive

A professional with a handful of fertilizer pellets in Oak Grove, MO.

All lawns need food to fuel their growth so they can flourish into the vibrant grass all property owners want. The soil loses nutrients over time due to factors like heavy precipitation and erosion. Fortunately, regular fertilization will supply your lawn with the nutrients that it needs to thrive. The three most important nutrients that fertilizers contain are:

  • Nitrogen - To achieve a healthy lawn, your turf should receive the correct amount of nitrogen as it promotes the production of chlorophyll, the pigment that keeps your turf green and vibrant.
  • Phosphorus - Phosphorus ensures your lawn has vigorous and robust roots to keep it anchored in the soil.
  • Potassium - This nutrient is responsible for strengthening your turf so it can resist drought, lawn diseases, and stress.

By providing your lawn with these nutrients, it will be well-equipped to withstand stressful conditions and remain lush.

Eliminate Nutrient-Stealing Weeds Through Weed Control

A lawn being treated with weed control by professional in Independence, MO.

Weeds are invasive plants that are not only unattractive but also steal nutrients from your grass. Removing weeds from your lawn is critical to maintaining a healthy lawn. Enrolling in an effective weed control program is the best way to ensure that your lawn is not overrun by weed.

Pre and post-emergent weed control are two methods of preventing and eliminating weeds from your lawn. Pre-emergent weed control is designed to prevent weeds from sprouting through your soil and becoming a problem in the first place. Post-emergent treatments, on the other hand, will kill existing weeds on your turf.

Lawn care professionals know exactly how to eliminate weeds from a property, which is why it is always best to hire a professional to deal with weed removal.

Fertilization and weed control complement each other perfectly.

We've talked about why each service is essential for a healthy lawn, but getting both services in one program lets your turf experience the best of both worlds. Most lawn care companies are offering both fertilization and weed control in one program not only because they are both important, but because your lawn will benefit the most when it receives both.

A fertilization program without weed control will leave your grass constantly competing with persistent weeds for those essential nutrients. Meanwhile, you might end up with a nutrient-deficient turf if you get a weed control program without fertilizing it.

Enjoy a healthy and lush lawn by signing up for our fertilization and weed control program! Contact us today!

If you want to achieve a healthy and lush lawn, signing up for a fertilization and weed control program should be on your to-do list. These services provide your lawn with enough nutrients to flourish while eliminating pesky weeds.

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