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Our lawn care services include fertilization, aeration, irrigation maintenance, and more.

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Comprehensive Lawn Care Services in Blue Springs, MO

A historic 18th-century city in Missouri, Blue Springs is a large region located about 20 miles east of downtown Kansas City. It received its name from early pioneers who admired the area for its access to cool, clean water from a spring of the Little Blue River, deeming it Blue Springs city. As the railroad industry begin to rapidly grow, the town leaders decided to take advantage of the newly announced train station by moving its center closer to the station site. This move allowed Blue Springs to eventually become an infamous trading center in that area. Now the city is known for having award-winning schools, interesting historic landmarks, and a nationally-recognized park system.

Residents of this large city love to enjoy beautiful views of nature and take part in various outdoor activities such as biking, walking trails, and strolling new national parks. Our company has helped this city of nearly 50,000 residents maintain stunning landscapes and healthy lawns since 1985. Reach out to our team to help you achieve your dream lawn too!

Maintain a beautiful green lawn with these essential lawn care services.

  • Fertilization- We offer a 7-step fertilization program that includes a combination of granular and liquid treatments in order to produce the best results. This program also includes weed and insect control treatments to ward off other lawn issues.
  • Weed Control- Our weed control services include preemergent and post-emergent applications. Preemergent prevents weed seeds from germinating while post-emergent spot treats existing weeds in your lawn.
  • Core Aeration- Mechanical core aeration involves removing cores of soil out of the ground to provide better circulation of water, oxygen, and other nutrients within your lawn's root system. We recommend having your lawn aerated at least once a year.
  • Overseeding- Property owners who have thinning or bare areas in their lawn would greatly benefit from an overseeding service. Spreading seed over your existing lawn allows thicker, fuller grass growth. This service is often combined with aeration to allow the new seeding direct soil contact to improve germination.

Lawn Insect & Pest Control Services

  • Perimeter Pest Control- Our perimeter pest control service drastically reduces the number of harmful pests and invading rodents on your property. It includes mole & vole deterrents, insecticides, and grub control.
  • Mole & Vole Repellant- We treat your lawn with mole and vole repellant a total of 6 times a year. Our liquid fence application is organic-based, making it safe for your family but still effective at deterring moles and voles.
  • Grub Control- These pests are able to do tremendous harm to your lawn, grubs should be addressed as soon as possible before turning into an infestation. Our preventative and post-damage grub control services help eliminate grubs and repair lawn damage.

We offer irrigation and holiday lighting services to help maintain your property.

  • Irrigation Maintenance- Your irrigation system needs seasonal maintenance to prevent costly repairs down the line. Our lawn care technicians can perform winterization services to keep your system safe during freezing temperatures. We can perform irrigation startup service in the spring to get your system back up and running for the growing season.
  • Holiday Lighting- Enjoy the beauty of a festively-decorated home in the winter without having to risk your safety. Our company offers professional holiday lighting services that include energy-saving LED lights, a custom holiday lighting design, installation & takedown, and storage of your lights.

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You don't have to worry about being disappointed in our services because we are so confident in our team that we offer a 100% iron-clad money-back guarantee. We are a locally-owned lawn care company in Blue Springs that can't wait to help your lawn reach optimum health and growth. Give our team a call at (816) 886-1121 to schedule a lawn care service today!

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