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Grub Control Treatments in Independence, Gladstone, & North Kansas City, MO

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Grub control treatments for lawns in Independence, Gladstone, North Kansas City, and surrounding communities.

Protect your plants and grass roots from hungry grubs with our grub control applications.

Lawn grubs exposed on a Gladstone, Missouri lawn.

Grubs are a nasty problem to have in your yard. They can cause significant damage to your turf that will end up costing you a ton of money to repair. We help keep that from happening with our grub control treatments!

Our treatments will rid your yard of grubs without harming your grass and surrounding plantings. We service residential and commercial properties in Independence, MO, including surrounding cities like Gladstone, North Kansas City, and Raytown.

What are grubs?

Lawn grubs, also referred to as white grubs, are the larvae of different types of scarab bettles, like Japanese beetles and June bugs. They constantly feed on grass roots and other organic matter found in the soil. Grubs can cause entire sections of your grass to brown-over and die.

Depending on the soil moisture and temperature, grub eggs normally hatch two weeks after being laid during the mid to later summer. They will begin immediately eating at your lawn's roots in the fall before burrowing deep into the ground for the winter. Once the grubs wake up in the spring, their feeding frenzy begins again and will eat even more of your foliage after they become full-grown beetles.

What is the process for our grub control service?

Our company offers both preventative and post-damage grub control services. Being proactive and applying preventative treatments are the best way to protect your lawn from grub damage. It will kill the larvae before they have a chance to hatch. We'll spray around the perimeter of your property to create a barrier that will repel grubs from invading your lawn.

If it's too late to perform a pre-emergent application, we can still repair your lawn and use a post-emergent to help kill any existing grubs of all stages. Most grub damage occurs in late July to early August, so this period of time is when post-emergent treatments will be most effective.

How can you tell if your lawn is infested with white grubs?

Grubs cause extensive damage to lawns. Based on the level of damage, homeowners can spend hundreds of dollars on multiple lawn maintenance services to restore their entire yard.

Here are some signs your lawn may be infested with grubs:

  • Brown patches throughout your yard
  • Seeing more animals digging at the soil
  • Dead grass can be rolled up like a carpet
  • The dead grass feels spongy under your feet

Get your lawn treated for grubs to prevent lawn damage by calling us for a consultation.

If you're worried that your property in Independence, Gladstone, or nearby area is infested with grubs, give us a call at (816) 886-1121. Our grub control services will take care of them at the source and stop them from causing any more damage to your lawn.

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