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Puppy scratching himself to remove fleas in Gladstone, MO.

Flea & Tick Yard Treatment in Independence, MO

Keep your friends, family, and pets protected from fleas and ticks.

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Flea & Tick Control in & Around Independence, Gladstone, & North Kansas City, MO

We have been protecting properties in the Independence area from fleas and ticks since 1985.

Every property owner knows the stress of flea and tick season, especially if you have children or pets. In addition to being invasive, annoying pests, fleas and ticks can pose a threat to the health of your loved ones or your customers. Call our pest control professionals at Sam's Turf Care to protect your home or business from fleas and ticks. We proudly serve property owners in Independence, Gladstone, North Kansas City, and nearby areas in Missouri. Our pest control team provides our uniquely effective granular flea and tick treatments yearly as part of our comprehensive lawn care program.

What is our flea and tick control treatment application schedule?

Flea attached to pet fur near Independence, MO.

At Sam's Turf Care, we apply our flea and tick control treatments once a year between mid-July and late August. We apply the application at this time because fleas and ticks thrive and multiply the most during the late summer. This is because they become more widespread when humidity levels are between 50 and 90 percent. In warmer temperatures and higher humidity levels, fleas and ticks lay a lot more eggs and a lot more eggs are hatching quicker. Our team ensures that this does not impact your property by spraying our treatments during their peak season for the best results.

What makes our flea and tick control treatments unique and effective?

The biggest reason that our flea and tick control treatments are unique and effective is that our treatments are granular as opposed to liquid. Granular flea and tick treatments are significantly better than their liquid counterparts in a few ways. One reason is that it is much easier to control where the granules end up than if you were spraying a liquid treatment. Granular treatments can also be more effective than liquid treatments because they are formulated to withstand rain or watering; liquid treatments are prone to washing away before pests have a chance to ingest them.

We offer our flea and tick control treatments in conjunction with our lawn care program.

Liquid pesticide being sprayed on a lawn near Raytown, MO.

In our lawn care program, there are 7 steps that spread out over the course of 11 months (from February until December). Our flea and tick control treatment is step number 5 in the process. Below is an outline of what you can expect from the rest of our lawn care program:

  • Fertilization: Applied anytime between February 1st and March 31st
  • Weed control: Applied anytime between April 1st and June 15th
  • Second fertilization and weed control spot treatments: Applied anytime between June 16th and July 31st
  • Grub control: Applied anytime between June 16th and July 31st (the same time frame as step 3)
  • Flea and tick control and weed control spot treatments: Applied anytime between July 15th and August 31st
  • Third fertilization: Applied anytime between September 1st and October 31st
  • Fourth fertilization: Applied anytime between November 4th and December 15th

Our company offers a 100% iron-clad, risk-free, double money-back guarantee.

Call your local pest control professionals about flea and tick control treatments today!

Fleas and ticks are invasive pests that can be dangerous if you come in contact with them. With our flea and tick control treatments here at Sam's Turf Care, you will never need to stress about flea and tick season again. We offer safe and effective flea and tick control treatments to the homes and businesses in the Independence, Missouri area, including Gladstone and North Kansas City. Call our professionals at (816) 886-1121 to schedule a flea and tick treatment today!

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